Creativity- May 28, 2023

Please join us this Sunday as we explore Creativity from a Buddhist perspective with guest Daikin Hicks from the Hokori Zen Temple.  

In the beginning…. 100 years ago

In the beginning… 100 years ago: 100 years ago, Norbert Capek had a beautiful idea.  This idea turned into a denomination wide annual ritual– The Flower Communion.  Please bring flowers to add to our unique bouquet this Sunday as we celebrate once again and learn more about Norbert … read more.

Creativity- May 14, 2023

In the Beginning… the creative mothering spirit:  UUCL is what it is because it was nurtured into being by those who came before us.  This Sunday, we will honor one of the most determined and influential “mothers” of our congregation, Cleo E. Thomas.  It is said … read more.