Renewal- June 16, 2024

Summer Solstice Rituals of Renewal:

 Summer in Florida is not quite the celebration of joy that comes with a Northern summer. While we may enjoy the extended periods of sunlight, the heat may keep us inside or we may find ourselves melting quickly. But, paying attention to the gifts that Mother Earth offers us during this time can call us into a process of renewal. From rainlilies to flycatchers, and thunderstorms to the textures and varieties of green that surround us, how can these gifts renew us, remind us of our interdependence, and call us to reverence and care for the sacred web of life? How do we nurture life and the relationships that support our lives? This Sunday will offer ritual, music, and maybe even a refreshing sprinkler on the patio! Additionally, we will take the time to honor and recognize fathers and fathering.