A Vulnerable Faith: March 5

 “It’s hard to be seen with your messy lostness, exhaustion and overwhelm as you stumble through the complexities of life. But how else can someone become trustworthy unless you allow them to share in your hardship? How can we form the village we ache for unless we allow ourselves to wrestle with these things together?” –Toko-pa Turner.  March’s worship and programming theme is “Vulnerability”.  In recent times, there’s been a lot of talk about vulnerability, especially since Brene Brown has published so much work about it.  So, what does it really mean to be vulnerable and how does it vary along with our diversity?  How can our faith embrace vulnerability as a way to heal and to grow?  There’s so much to think about as it relates to being vulnerable and this Sunday will kick off our month of walking together along this path!  
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Social time after the service. Snack or drink contributions are welcome.