Ponderings of our Spiritual Life Director 11-9-22

Some days, change seems so difficult, if not impossible.

Let us rest, even if just for a moment,

And take the time

To care for one another

To remind one another

That we are each loved

That we are each held by this community

In safety, with grace, and the sacredness of our connections.

Safety, because too many of us face a world seething with discrimination, and we need a soft place to land, and a community who will advocate for us.

Grace, because anger, fear, and grief might cause us to make mistakes, and we will need forgiveness and covenant to draw us back in.

The sacredness of our connections, because we know that relationship is the only way to redemption, and to the joy and liberation that we long for.

It is my prayer that together we create the ways in which we want the world to be.

Take care through the storm and we will be in the comfort and the joy of community soon!