Finding Our Center:  What’s at the center of our UUCL community?

Our mission statement, love + connection = transformation, was arrived at a few years ago by finding the shared values of the members of our community.  We center this mission statement as we work to better the world, and ourselves.  But bringing a mission statement to life in the world only works when we create it together, in a system of shared ministry.  This Sunday’s service will explore what it means to be a part of a shared ministry and essentially, a part of this community.  How are we different than what you may have encountered in church before?  What is the divine at our center?  And how do we shape a church culture that is an irresistible creative and dynamic community that people want to be a part of?  Well, the answer to that lies within each of us!  
Potluck luncheon after the service. Please bring a dish of food or drink to share.
Board of Trustees meeting- 1:00 pm