Ponderings of our Spiritual Life Director 3-15-23

#UULent day 22 #worship

This is our worship space. It is a sacred space, built in the 1980s by our congregation. They designed it, put down the foundation, built the walls, and had a roof put over our heads. They put in lights, fans, and a stained glass chalice. They painted the walls and put down flooring. They built a chalice table and a pulpit.

Since then, the walls have received a fresh coat of paint (but that was still almost 20 years ago!), we added track lights, TV screens, a new piano, a railing by the stairs on the right side, and in 2019 we bought new chairs. Joshua made us a new chalice last year. The worship team keeps things interesting by decorating/changing up the vestments each month.

This is our sacred space, built by us, tended by us. For 40 years, we have come together to worship here. We center ourselves in love, looking to connect with others so that we may transform our own hearts, and the world.