Ponderings of our Spiritual Life Director 10-12-22

I had a delightful time yesterday cocreating this Sunday’s worship service with Maggie Colson! We spent some time exploring the different kinds of courage. The one that took some particular reflection was that of Spiritual Courage. What does Spiritual Courage look like? While Maggie will be presenting you with her own reflections on Sunday, I wanted to start engaging you all in some reflection ahead of time.

Yesterday, when I got home, I saw a post by a spiritual leader that I follow on Facebook, Jim Palmer. He wrote “Telling people that God loves them is good theology. Showing people that you love them is what transforms the world.”

What do you think? Does this speak to Spiritual Courage? Does Spiritual Courage go beyond what one believes? Is it about living those beliefs?

How do you exhibit Spiritual Courage? How could you become more courageous?

I wonder, too, what you might think about Linus, who convinces his friend Sally to wait in the pumpkin patch all night long for the Great Pumpkin. Is this courage? Come on out tonight and discuss it with us at Popcorn Theology!